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About Me

I was born in what was then, an English coal-mining village in South Yorkshire in 1950, to a Yugoslav father and an English mother. In 1966 the whole family moved to London and in 1970 I met my future wife in a pub in Piccadilly Circus.

She happened to be Finnish and in 1973 I emigrated to Finland. Where I still live with that same Finnish wife.
For most of my working life I wrote, edited and translated Business-to-Business and Trade literature in English for Finnish clients. From in-house magazines to product brochures and all things in between.
My wife and I started our own company in 1985 and we were among the pioneers of electronic publishing in Finland. Through that we got involved with the early Internet and then the World Wide Web.

Now, having reached my Autumn years and retired from gainful employment. I am persuing my creative impulses and trying not to be too much of a “Grumpy Old Fart”.

Should you enjoy any or all of my posts please feel free to share them and of course, the occasional “like” would be much appreciated.

And, if you have read this far, thank you for stopping by.


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